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India is the largest country. It is the second most populous country after china. Whereas, it is not a country but a continent, from North to South and East to West, the people are different, the language are different .It has own unique traditions, values and norms. All surrounded area of India it has amazing places where tourist has been attracted. India can offer almost anything you want, where beaches, religious place, holy cities, forts and amazing travel experience and can found many religious as well.
Indian dress varies in color and style across the region depends upon various places including climate and faith. Most popular and common dress includes Sari for women and Doti or Lungi for men. Similarly, being a highly spiritual country, festivals are at the top and unique way of seeing India culture at its best all the time throughout the year. When tourist visit India they don’t miss the various kinds of festivals and traditional which are very unique as comparison to other country.

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We all have very busy schedule so to get refreshment we travel somewhere else or another country to enjoy the holidays.

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