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Trekking is the consider as combination of both hiking or trek for in certain time in certain trekking areas which people take multi-days in rural an development area. Nepal is one of the most destinations in the world for trekking in natural beauties. It is the best way to get to interesting and remote mountain villages of Nepal and to enjoy views of the focused peaks together with their lifestyle untouched by modern civilization.
In Nepal due to various geographical there are two types of trekking:
‘Tea House’ treks where you stay in small hut house in village and have different delicious food off their menus.
‘Camping’ treks this type of trek where everything is brought along with own group and food along with it on the way. This trek may be quite difficult comparison to another. But it will be more and have experience of camping.
For those people who cannot walk and trek we have more facilitated you can choose from our website.

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