10 Nepal + India Buddhist Circuits Tour Package!!

10 Days


Buddhist Circuit Tour includes places of high significance holy sites of Buddha. Lumbini Nepal the place of Lord Buddha was born, Bodhgaya India the place of his Enlightenment, Sarnath India the place of his first sermon, and Khushinagar India he reaches to Nirvana.

Lumbini: Lumbini is in southern Nepal, where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Prince Siddhartha. It is just a 59-kilometer distance from the Shakya capital of Kapilavastu. Pilgrimages focus on the sacred garden which contains the site of the birth. Sacred Lumbini garden is a world heritage site with monasteries from many Buddhist countries in their own style of arts and architecture. Over 25 international Buddhist monasteries are here to study Buddhism, meditation within the garden. The Pashkarni pond in Lumbini is a holy pond where Maya Devi took a holy dip just before giving birth to the Lord Buddha and also infant Buddha was given his first purification bath here. The Ashoka pillar and The Mayadevi temple are the most-visited sacred sites in Lumbini.

Bodhgaya: It was in Bodhgaya in Bihar of India, that Prince Siddhartha found Enlightenment (nirvana) under the bodhi tree after meditating for 49 days. No longer a bodhisattva (mentor), he became Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One. The Vajrasan throne donated by King Ashoka now builds as Mahabodhi Temple is the primary of the homage Buddhist pilgrimage site in Bodhgaya. The holy Bodhi tree, The Animeshlochana Chaitya, The Ratnachankramana, The Ratnagaraha, The Ajapala Nigrodha Tree, Rajyatna Tree, and Muchhalinda pond are the visiting spots for pilgrimage. Many Buddhist countries have built temples or monasteries around the complex.

Sarnath: Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath India after achieving enlightenment, about 13 km north-east from the ancient holy city of Varanasi the confluence of the holy Rivers Ganges and the Varuna. It was here that the Buddha established his first disciples (sangha) to promote his new doctrine. The splendid Dhamekha Stupa at Sarnath was originally erected by King Ashoka, as it was the famous lion capital pillar, now the proud symbol of India. This city is mentioned by the Buddha as one of the fourth places of Buddhist pilgrimage to which his devout followers should visit if they wanted to visit a place for that reason.

Khushinagar: Lord Buddha fell ill and left this world in 543 BC at Khushinagar. His mortal remains were preserved in eight commemorative Chortens, and then further distributed by King Ashoka into 84,000 stupas across his kingdom and beyond. Kushinagar is closed to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh of India, and nearby Nepal.

Bodh Gaya: Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous as it is the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment (Pali: bodhi) under what became known as the Bodhi Tree. Since antiquity, Bodh Gaya has remained the object of pilgrimage and veneration both for Hindus and Buddhists. In particular, archaeological finds including sculptures show that the site was in use by Buddhists since the Mauryan period. For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha, the other three being Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath. In 2002, Mahabodhi Temple, located in Bodh Gaya, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Arrival at Kathmandu international airport meets by our representative, welcomed by garland then transfer to hotel check in hotel, refresh then get ready to visit Patan Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square Home to traditional artists and sculptors, one can find more temples dedicated to Ganesh (the elephant-headed god), Shiva, Narsingha, Taleju, and others are located at Patan Durbar Square.The Mahabouddha Temple also known as Mahabodhi Mandap Vihara is one of the most well known Buddhist sites of Patan. The architecture is said to be inspired by Bodhgaya temple structure of Bihar. The temple is a branch of Rudravarna MahaViharaand overnight stay at hotel.

Morning breakfast at hotel then half day sightseeing tour to Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple) The world’s most glorious Buddhist Chaityas built 2000 years ago is situated on a hillock about 77 meter above the level of Kathmandu valley. Visitors will also have a grand view of the valley from this spot. Bouddhanath Stupa is one of the biggest in the world of its kind. It stands with four pairs of eyes in the four cardinal direction keeping watch for righteous behavior and human prosperity. This Buddhist Stupa was built by King Man Deva at the advice of the goddess Mani Jogini. Afternoon fly to Lumbini, Arrive then transfer to Hotel, check in hotel, rest then visit Lumbini (Lumbini It is the place where, according to Buddhist tradition, Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Gautama in 563 BCE. Gautama, who achieved Enlightenment sometime around 528 BCE, became the Buddha and founded Buddhism. Lumbini is one of many magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha. Lumbini has a number of temples, including the Mayadevi Temple and several others which are still under repair. Many monuments, monasteries and a museum, the Lumbini International Research Institute, are also within the holy site. Also there is the Puskarini, or Holy Pond, where the Buddha's mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where he had his first bath. evening dinner and overnight stay at hotel

After breakfast and get ready to drive to Saravasti. Saravasti is one of the eight holy places of Buddhist pilgrimage. We can see huge ruins of ancient stupas and Buddhist sites called Sahet Mehet. We will be visiting Angulimar's cave and Sujata House. Evening dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

After breakfast and get ready to drive to Kushinagar following the town Basti & Gorakhpur. In the afternoon Visit: Mahaparinirvana Stupa and Ramabhare Stupa. Kushinagar was an important center under Mauryan King Ashoka, a great Buddhist follower. Ramabhare Stupa is the most important landmark of Kushinagar, the Stupa is said to have been built in 543 BC. Mahaparinirvana Stupa Mahaparinirvana Temple is another attraction in Kushinagar with a huge statue of Lord Buddha in reclining position. And overnight stay at hotel.

After breakfast and get ready to drive to Patna. On the way to Patna first we stop at Keshariya and then at Vaishali. Keshariya is the place where a world tallest stupa is excavated by archeologist. 104 feet tallest stupa is believed to be the tallest one in the world. Then visit Vaishali.Vaishali was the center of the IInd Buddhist Council congregation, held after 100 years of Buddha's perinirvana. And overnight stay at hotel.

After breakfast in the morning and drive to Bodh Gaya. En-route visiting Rajgir and Nalanda. Visit Saptaparni Cave, hot springs, the Vishwa Shanti Stupa at Rajgir. At Nalanda visit the ruins of Nalanda University, Museum, temples and stupas. And overnight stay at hotel.

Day 7 :
Bodh Gaya:

Morning breakfast at hotel and Full day free time in Bodh Gaya and overnight stay at hotel.

After breakfast and get ready to drive to Varanasi via Sarnath. Sarnath holds an important place in Buddhism as it was here that Buddha delivered his first sermon, after attaining Nirvana termed as Dharmachakra Parivartan. The Dhamekh stupa is a cylindrical tower, which dates back to the Gupta period. The Chinese traveller Hsuen Tsang who visited India in the 7th century speaks of the glory of Sarnath and of the structures that existed then. A modern temple dedicated to Buddha has been built here that houses several of the Buddhist relics excavated here. Hence rightly, every Buddhist pilgrim endeavors to be blessed with a visit to Sarnath in his lifetime. And overnight stay at hotel.

Morning Breakfast at hotel then free time in Varanasi, Varanasi is one of India's oldest and holiest cities, where age-old temples overlook the broad waters of the Ganges, Highlights of Vanarasi are Vishwanath temple, Banaras Hindu University, Dasomedha Ghat. Overnight stay at hotel.

Morning Breakfast at hotel then transfer to Airport for your final departure to you home country.


Cost Includes

  • Transportation by tourist coach in Nepal part and India.
  • Accommodation throughout the trip on twin sharing room with breakfast.
  • Guide at each places.
  • Lunch and Dinner throughout the trip.
  • Sightseeing places entrance fees.

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses.
  • Domestic and international airfare.
  • Personal tips.
  • Cost not mentioned in cost includes.
  • Bar Beverages and mineral water.

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10 Nepal + India Buddhist Circuits Tour Package!!